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Graduated from University of Maryland
Teaching experience: 15 years
Years at Calvary: 6 years
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Mrs. Bales’ February Newsletter

It has been such a pleasure to watch your children grow and succeed so far this year.  They are making tremendous progress in the classroom! Our theme for this month is Animals Everywhere. The letters for this month are G, K, L and P. In Math, we will be measuring using standard and non-standard units (blocks, straws, yarn etc.).   We will focus on length and height, discovering and comparing objects to see which is the longest and the shortest.  At home you can practice using words such as small, smaller and smallest and long, longer and longest. I am also sending home a February calendar that you can use with your child at home. This activity is optional and does not need to be returned to school. You can use the calendar to keep track of the days we go to school. You can help your child review the days of the week and practice counting. We have used what we have learned about patterns to look for number patterns. Ask you child if they can find any patterns. Your child can also practice filling in some of the numbers. You can mark special days or birthdays. Again, it is a resource and I hope it is a fun way to practice these skills at home. In Science we will begin to explore Ramps.

On Thursday, February 13th we will have our Valentine’s Day party at school. Attached is a list of your child’s classmates if you chose to send in valentines. Sometimes it is easier for the children to just sign his/her name, but I ask that if you decide to make valentines to include everyone in the class. Please look for a sign-up sheet in hall for items to be donated for the party and a sign up for volunteers.


****Please continue to work with your child on his/her letter/word ring and return them to school so we can check your child and add new letters or words. They are doing amazing and I really appreciate all the support from home. THANK YOU! ****


****Also, very important!!! Please make sure your child is fever or vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours before returning to school. This flu season is a rough one! Thank you!****


Important Dates:

Feb. 3 – No School, Staff In-Service

Feb. 13 -Valentine’s Day Party

Feb. 17- No School – Presidents’ Day

March 2- No School – Staff In-service Day

March 5- Conferences, School is in session



Activities to do at Home:

  • Estimate how many steps it takes to get from the car to your front door. Try it out and see how close or far off you were from your estimation.
  • Compare the weight of 2 objects in your hand. Which one was heavier? Lighter?
  • Measure objects from around the house using goldfish. Estimate first, then measure.
  • Put your family in order from shortest to tallest, tallest to shortest.


As always, please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Amanda Bales

Class List


Leonardo                         Olivia                     Kyran                    Savannah


Skye                               Josh                      Miriam                   Madeline


Noah                               Thomas                 Zeke                     Elaina


Hazel                              Henry                    Luca                      David


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