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Graduated from West Virginia University
Teaching experience: 15 years
Years at Calvary: 13
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Classroom Assistant: Kate-E Frazier


Mrs. Horning’s March Newsletter


Welcome, March! Spring is right around the corner! Our theme for this month is In the City, In the Country.  During this theme we will discuss Country Life, The Busy, Busy City and To Market, To Market.  We will compare the similarities and differences between country life and city life. To help with this unit, we will be sending home a project called Calvarytown for your child to complete. The projects will be due Monday, March 13th.  We will also talk about the food we eat and where it comes from.

Our letters for this month are Rr, Uu and Bb. Please remember to bring in your child’s word/letter ring so we can continue to check your child’s progress.  We are really proud of the progress they are making J.

In Science, we will explore ramps. Children will develop science and math skills as they use a variety of materials to build ramps and learn how angles affect the speed of different objects. In Math, we will continue to identify and sequence numbers 0-20, look for patterns around us as well as number patterns. We will also make sets and practice writing the numbers to go along with that set. During this month we will also spend some time exploring money and discovering the value of a penny. I sent home a March homework calendar for you to use at home. It does not need to be returned and it is an optional activity.

We will have Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, March 4th. Please be sure to send the pre-conference form back to school ASAP. School will still be in session that day.


Some important dates this month are:

March 2– NO SCHOOL- Teacher In-Service Day

March 4– Parent Teacher Conferences

March 17– Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (Please wear GREEN)

March 30– NO SCHOOL- Teacher In-Service Day


 Activities to do at home:

 *As your child is getting dressed talk about the color of his/her clothing and discuss whether they are lighter/darker shades.

*Purchase (at the dollar store, Target, Michael’s) a special journal for your child to draw or write.  You will be amazed at what they can do.  Allow them to use special markers, pens or whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Have them label his/her picture with inventive spelling.

*Organize pictures or photographs in a book.  Have your child dictate the caption for each page.  Then practice “reading the book” together.

*Write the different members of your family’s name.  Count how many letters are in each name.  Who has the most/least letters?  Who has the longest or shortest name?

*While giving your child a bath, test different objects to see if they sink or float.

*Read to your child. Then ask your child to help you retell the story.  Was there a problem in the story?  How was it solved?  Who were the characters? Where did the story take place? Decide if the story was fiction or non-fiction. They have been doing a fantastic job deciphering the difference!


We are so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with your children!  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your support!


Happy Spring!

Katie Horning and Kate-E Frazier