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Graduated from University of Maryland
Teaching experience: 27
Years at Calvary: 27
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Classroom Assistant: Anissa Arroyo


Spring is almost here. Our learning unit this month is My Five Senses. How can I discover my world? Through lots of hands-on activities, songs, finger plays, and games, the children will have many opportunities to explore their classroom and playground environments using the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Our Home Living Center will be a “Bakery”; the children will “prepare”, “display”, and “sell” breads and sweet confections.We will talk about St. Patrick’s Day and learn about leprechauns with lost gold, make shamrocks, and learn an Irish jig. We will talk about seasonal changes to Spring.

• Our Letters this month are Rr, Uu, and Bb.
• In Math we will be working on comparing sets of objects 1-5.
• For Science we will work with using our five senses.
• Our Composer this month is Bach.
• Our Artist is Edgar Degas.
• In the Media Center we will read and act out loud and quiet stories and rhymes about leprechauns and our five senses.
• In Spanish we will continue to work on greetings and read The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish, learning some food words.
• In Music we will learn about “dynamics” by listening to loud/soft music and instruments and playing the hot/cold game to find an Easter egg.
• Our Community Service Project will be a Food Bank Drive to cover food for the summer months. I will send home more information.

Our class will have Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday, March 6th. School will be in session on that day and I will meet with you in the Media Center for conferences

In conjunction with our Five Senses unit, as you go about your daily routine talk with your child about what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. When petting the dog, eating pizza, or looking out the window, stop and ask your child what they feel, taste, or see. Ask them which of their senses they are using.

Here are several ideas of easy ways to foster and extend interest in math skills we will be working on this month (comparing sets of objects 1-5).

1. As you sort laundry, make sets of socks, count shirts, etc. How many do you have? Do I have the same number?
2. When setting the table or serving dinner, count plates, spoons, etc. Are there the same number of objects? – Are there more or less than?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at school or at home, text my cell phone, or send me an Email. My home phone number is 301-662-1653 and my cell number is 301-788-2103. I try to check my Email early each morning; my Email address is


Elaine Jachowski / March 1, 2020

Mrs. J’s MWF Star/Event Calendar –
March – My Five Senses

Mar 2 – Star* Julian

2 – Monday – In-Service – No School
4 – Wednesday
• Snack: Rice cakes & applesauce cups
6 – Friday
• Snack: Cheez-It’s & fruit

Mar 9 – Star* Levi

11 – Monday
• Snack: Yogurt cups & baby carrots
13 – Wednesday
• Snack: Goldfish & fruit
15 – Friday
• Snack: Cheese & crackers

Mar 16 – Star* Ashlyn (B)

16 – Monday
• Snack: Green popcorn, cucumbers & broccoli
18 – Wednesday
• Snack: Pirate’s Booty & fruit
20 – Friday
• Snack: Birthday Snack

Mar 23 – Star* Mazie

25 – Monday
• Snack: Cheez-Its & fruit
27 – Wednesday
• Snack: Low sugar fruit snacks & baby carrots
29 – Friday
• Snack: Granola bars & fruit


Mar 30 – Star* Archer

30 – Monday – In-Service – No School
1 – Wednesday
• Snack: Tortilla chips & mild salsa
3 – Friday
• Snack: Yogurt cups & 7 bananas