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Graduated from University of Maryland
Teaching experience: 27
Years at Calvary: 27
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Classroom Assistant: Anissa Arroyo


Here it is, February already, which means that winter is half over. Hopefully the second half won’t be too cold and icy.

Our theme this month is Animals Everywhere. We will be talking about animals and their babies and animals that hibernate. Our Home Living area this month will be an animal shelter and we will continue to work with what all animals need to be safe, happy, and healthy. We will begin the month talking about Groundhog’s Day and learning about shadows. The overhead projector will be set up for the children to experiment making shadows. We will have a classroom Valentine’s Day celebration with some less healthy snack options, a game, a craft, and exchange Valentine’s Day cards (see below for list).

• Our Letters this month are Gg, Kk, Ll, and Pp.
• In Math we will continue working on one-to-one correspondence.
• For Science we will work with shadows.
• Our Composer this month is Vivaldi.
• In the Media Center we will read and act out stories and rhymes about Valentine’s Day and animals.
• In Spanish we will continue to work on greetings, counting, and colors and introduce various types of animals.
• In Music we will work with recognizing high and low changes in pitch, using pictures and color corresponding to sound.
• Our Community Service Project this month is the “Diaper Drive”. We will be collecting donations for the “Diaper Drive” to benefit families in need in the Frederick Birthing Circle. Diapers of all sizes, just purchased or already open, will be greatly appreciated. More information will be sent home soon.

I am scheduling our “Signs of Winter” Nature Walk for Monday, February 10th, with an inclement weather (rain date) of Monday, February 24th. Hopefully the weather will not be too cold or wet and we can spend about an hour walking to Baker Park to observe winter changes.

Thank you parents (and family) for all your time and help with our classroom activities and donations of materials. We really appreciate all your time and efforts. Remember, you can spend time with us whenever you wish and we’re always happy to see you.

Valentine’s Day is a day for us to share positive feelings about special people in our lives. It is a wonderful time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your child about the importance of sharing, giving, loving, and friendship. It is also a wonderful time to talk about feelings of all kinds, helping to build on your child’s self-esteem by talking about your feelings and telling your child why you are proud of him/her. It is additionally just a fun time to sit together making valentine cards, pictures, or just making the effort to sign their name on a special card. In Latin America making hot chocolate is a special time for a parent or grandparent to spend with a child.

Remember, we will be going outside to play if the temperature is above 32o and the playground is not covered in snow. Please dress your child appropriately and send a hat and/or gloves when needed.

I am enclosing a valentine list so you can make sure your child has a valentine for everyone. The easiest way to write valentines is just to have your child sign their name to each card (or you can help them if they need assistance). If you do not put a To: on the valentines they are much easier to pass out, but you may certainly write the cards anyway you wish.



Another reminder: for inclement weather, listen for public school closings and check our website, for information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at school or at home, text my cell phone, or send me an Email. My home phone number is 301-662-1653 and my cell number is 301-788-2103. I try to check my Email early each morning; my Email address is


Elaine Jachowski / February 1, 2020

Mrs. J’s MWF Star/Event Calendar – February
Animals Everywhere

Feb 3 – Star* Aidan

3 – Monday – In-Service – No School
5 – Wednesday
• Snack: Goldfish & fruit of choice
7– Friday
• Snack: Cheese & crackers

Feb 10 – Star* Mara

10 – Monday
• Snack: Mini bagels & cream cheese
• Field Trip: Winter Nature Walk
12 – Wednesday
• Snack: Oat bars & fruit
14 – Friday Valentine Day
• Snacks: See sign-up sheet

Feb 17 – Star* Lily

17 – Monday – President’s Day – No School
19 – Wednesday
• Snacks: Yogurt drinks & baby carrots
21 – Friday
• Snack: Fig bars & 7 bananas

Feb 24 – Star* Aiden

24 – Monday
• Snack: Teddy Grahams & fruit
• Field Trip (Rain Date): Winter Nature Walk
26 – Wednesday
• Snack: Pretzel rods & apple slices
28 – Friday
• Snack: Yogurt cups & fruit/veggies

Mar 2 – Star* Julian

2 – Monday – In-Service – No School
4 – Wednesday
• Snack: Rice cakes & applesauce cups
6 – Friday
• Snack: Cheez-It’s & fruit