Mrs. Nealley

Graduated from Hood College/Johns Hopkins
Teaching experience: 23 years
Years at Calvary: New this year
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Classroom Assistant:  Tracy Racheff

image2991March 2020 Newsletter Mrs. Nealley’s & Mrs. Racheff’s MTTh Class


It is hard to believe that it is actually March and that Spring is just around the corner. We had so much fun in February. Thank you to all the Moms who came to help at our Valentine Party. At Calvary, in March, we will be learning about and welcoming Spring. We will use our senses to discover signs of Spring in Nature. Mrs. Racheff and I will have some Leprechaun fun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Science unit is My Five Senses. Our students will think about and explore concepts related to the question “How Can I Discover My World” See, Hear, Taste, Smell, and Touch. We will also connect our senses to discovering the early seasonal changes of Spring.

Frederick County 4-H is excited to share School House Chicks with Calvary Weekday School. School House Chicks is a hands-on embryology program where schools are provided with materials and eggs to offer a 28 day “baby chickens” experience. This is Calvary’s first year of School House Chicks. Therefore, we will be learning what to expect as we go. We are expecting to have an incubator with eggs in our classroom. If any parent has worked with incubators before, please talk with me. Our students will learn about the life cycle of a chicken, how to feed chicks and learn a greater appreciation of animal life. We hope that 4-H will visit our class to tell us about chickens, incubators, and 4-H opportunities. 4-H is a great program for children. In April, Shannon Smith, Isaac’s mom will bring live chicks to class, too.

In March, we will learn about the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We will also continue to attend Spanish, Music, and Media Class on Thursdays.

This month in Math, we will add the comparison of sets of 5. We will continue with number recognition and 1 to 1 correspondence. For example; We will have some fun counting gold coins to put into the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold. Please continue to work with your child on number recognition and counting out objects to match a given number. You may wish to place number cards on a table and have your child count out the given number by placing an object on the corresponding number card until the given number is reached.

In Language Arts, we will continue learning our alphabet. The letters Rr, Uu, Bb and Pp will be the focus this month. We will practice writing these letters on the big white board and learning the sounds they make. This month, we will continue with first name recognition activities. We will give the children an alphabet set and asked them to find their first name letters from among all the other letters. We will also ask your child to say the sounds and spell out their name. We will also continue working on writing first names. Please have your child practice his/her own first name, recognizing the letters, sounds, and writing his/her first name. Our Nursery Rhyme for this month is “Humpty, Dumpty.” We will also learn the story of “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”.

There are many wonderful early childhood books that support our science themes. Please share some Spring books with your child. Here are a few I recommend.

Like a Windy Day by Frank Asch and Devin Asch

Everything Spring by Jill Esbaum

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

My 5 Senses by Aliki Brandenberg

Warmest Regards,

Claudia Nealley & Tracy Racheff

Reminders and More

1. Please remember to check your child’s tote bag and folders for work and newsletters and remove completed work and old papers from your child’s tote bag. Thanks!

2. We will also continue to go outside unless the weather drops below 32 degrees, so please dress your child appropriately for outside play and please make sure your child has mittens or gloves.

Upcoming Important Dates:

March 2nd – Staff In-Service – No students at school

March 5th – Spring Parent Conferences

March 12th – Spanish Class

March 16th – Parent Workshop

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day.

Mrs. Nealley and Mrs. Racheff will provide some special learning fun.

March 19th – Music Class

March 26th – Media

March 30th – Staff In-Service – No students at school

Home/School Connection:

Preschoolers have an insatiable need to explore and understand things that adults might overlook. As marine biologist Rachel Carson said, children need an adult who can share this joy of discovery with them. Your family can share the joy of discovering science at home and in your neighborhood.

Go for a walk. Talk with your child about what you can see, hear, and touch. Look at clouds, smell pinecones, gently touch a caterpillar, see what’s under rocks, and listen to birds and squirrels in trees. Take walks when it’s rainy, when it’s sunny, early in the morning, and in the evening. Talk about how the experiences are similar and different.

Discover answers together. Children often know all the dinosaur names or notice small details in a leaf. You don’t need to know the name of every plant, but you and your child can investigate and answer questions together.

Care for animals, plants, trees, and gardens. Plant bulbs (flowers or onions) and watch what happens. Put toothpicks in an avocado pit and suspend it over a clear container of water. Visit it daily. Soon you will see a new plant growing from the top and bottom of the pit.

Find science all around you. Learn about physics by playing with tennis balls and soccer balls. Which ball bounces higher? Which one can be kicked farther? Learn about chemistry while baking cookies together. What happens when the ingredients are mixed together and baked in the oven? Ask your child to share his or her ideas about what happens and why. If your child asks a question you can’t answer, write it down so that later you can look for the answer together in a book, at the library, or on the Internet.

Source: Adapted from the Message in a Backpack, Teaching Young Children 6 (2): 23