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Graduated from Western Maryland/Mercyhurst College
Years at Calvary: 1 year as an assistant
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Classroom Assistant: Erin Watkins




February 2020 Newsletter

Mrs. Neubauer’s & Mrs. Watkins’ Class


Happy Valentine’s Day!  February is a fun winter month and we have lots of exciting activities planned in our classroom.  Our theme this month is the same as last month- Animals Everywhere.  This month our focus will be on farm animals, zoos, and some arctic animals.  We will again be talking about the animals’ habitats and their babies.  Animals units are so fun, and the students are so engaged in all the books and lessons.


Our Dramatic Play center will be turned into a Post office this month. The students will be sorting packages, mailing letters, buying stamps and more.  February is a great month to send some love to our friends and family, so the students will be having a Valentine’s Day party on February 14th and exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with their classmates.  We will also be exploring icebergs and penguins in the water table this month, and doing some fun experimenting with baking soda and vinegar.  Lastly, we will be going on a field trip to the Original Playhouse in New Market, Maryland at the end of the month.  The Original Playhouse has many hands-on activities for the children to enjoy.  The trip is planned for Friday, February 28th and parents are required to attend.


– Our Letters this month are  G, L, K, and P.

– In Math we will continue working on the concepts of more/less, short/long and big/small, as well as 1:1 correspondence.

– In Science we will explore shadows and the concepts of hibernation, adaptation and migration of animals in the winter months.

– Our Composer this month is Chopin

– In Spanish we will learn the names of animals, read Rojo Gato and use shape flashcards.

– In Media Center we will say a poem about Valentine’s Day and learn about the Three Little Kittens.  We will also read books about love and animals.

-In Music will be learn about pitch and how to recognize changes to pitch.




  1. Please remember to take your child to the bathroom to wash hands before the start of the school day.
  2. Please work with your child at home to sneeze and cough into their elbow. We have had many students out sick, and we are trying to reduce the spread of germs in our classroom.
  3. For inclement weather, listen for public school closings and check our website, for information. I will also send out a notice to all parents when there is a closing or delay.
  4. We now have 15 students in our classroom, so when your child is the star, please provide enough cups, plates, napkins and food/drink for 15 children for the entire week. Thanks!



Upcoming Important Dates:

Monday, February 3rd – Staff in Service- No school

Friday, February 14th  – Valentine’s Day Classroom Party

Monday, February 17th  – School Closed for President’s Day

Friday, February 28th – Field Trip to Original Playhouse in New Market, Maryland



Home/School Connection:    (


            Why is outdoor play for preschoolers important?

  1. Outdoors is the best place for preschoolers to master emerging physical skills. Running, leaping, jumping, climbing, and throwing are all gross motor skills that preschoolers need to practice regularly.
  2. Outdoor play contributes to learning. When preschoolers play outside they are developing autonomy, decision-making skills, and expressing themselves freely.  They invent games, they learn to play and cooperate with others, and they improve their communication skills.
  3. Preschoolers learn through their senses and when outside they are using all 5 of their senses to explore. Seeing colors, hearing animals, touching nature, tasting a raindrop, and smelling flowers are all examples of ways preschoolers may explore with their senses outdoors.


What are some fun activities preschoolers can engage in outdoors?


  1. A nature walk around your neighborhood. Point out leaves, trees, the sky and feel tree bark, pick up rocks, etc.
  2. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard with boxes, sticks, old tires, etc.
  3. Try water painting with just a bucket of water and a paint brush. Your child can paint the side of the house, the sidewalk or even the fence.  In the winter add food coloring to the water and paint the snow.
  4. Take a magnifying glass outside and be explorers. Look at bugs, examine the frost on your car windows, or even look closely at a pile of dirt with your child.  There is lots to see and discuss!



Mrs. Watkins and I thank you for all your support and kindness.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 



Amy Neubauer